Main Characters

The HeroineThis is Margaret Smith. Call her your own peril. This young woman hailing from Daskania is truculent and domineering at times, yet she really has a heart of solid gold underneath her bellicose exterior. Though far from scatterbrained, sometimes she doesn't think before she acts, but that's a good thing because there'd be no action in the story without her.

The SidekickThis is Anne Cobbler, the pious pacifist who happens to be Margaret's best friend. She tends to maintain an air of moral superiority, even though she's easily the more competent of the two in terms of wielding weapons.

Supporting Characters

The Opinion Leader...whatever that meansThis is Michelle, the leader of the armed forces that have risen in rebellion against the Zeteginean Empire. Disorganized to a fault, she can be quite careless with her personal objects. Nevertheless, she is not nearly as incompent as she seems and is an effective leader when she doesn't lose her plans.

The Dirty Old WizardThis is Warren Moon (no, not the quarterback), the seer who informed Michelle of her destiny. He makes a good advisor as he is quite wise when it comes to magic, battle, and life experience. Unfortunately, he also acts like a dirty old man...probably because he is. As a result, he constantly straddles the line between being invaluable and being unbearable.

The Dirty Old WizardThis is Lans Hamilton, the knight who single-mindedly thinks of revenge against the Empire. Sadly, this is coupled with the emotional maturity of a five-year old. Lans also has a penchant for Yu-Gi-Oh cards, despite not being able to distinguish between the actual card game and the anime.

Other Characters

Two Mysterious CharactersLast there are the two figures from an older title, the Amazon with the spray paint and the person in front of the bag. They're actually main characters who will play pivotal roles in this comic...that is if I ever get far enough along to introduce them.