Let's give credit where credit is due.

Images comprising the comics and the graphics of this site are from the games Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (Super NES version), Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (Super Famicom version), Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber, and Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Additional images hail from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Images are copyrighted to Atlus, Enix, and Square. "Final Fantasy" and all related terms are trademarked to SquareEnix. Lyrics to the song "Ogre Battle" are the work of Freddie Mercury.

In short, thanks to all those companies for providing these wonderful games for me to parody and analyze. Now for the more personal "thank you"s.

Personal Thanks

Thanks to Darkmoon for first giving me webspace at ICVD, then allowing me to subhost at CVRPG. He also sent me my first and (so far) only guest comic.

Thanks to Jorge D. Fuentes -- yes THAT Jorge! Heck, I ought to give him more credit, given that he showed me how to gather and put the different elements of the comic together. Too bad he has to be so talented, setting the bar so high that I can barely see it, let alone reach it.

Thanks to Damaris for introducing me to these two in the first place, as well as for giving encouragement. If it weren't for her, I would have quit before comic #10. Now I'll quit before comic #100, certainly!

Thanks to Eric Wackerfuss. He has captured the stage maps that I occasionally link to in the panels of the comic. If you want the images without the disclaimer, go to his site. He offers the stage maps there for your downloading pleasure.

Thanks to Brian Sulpher for his Ogre Battle FAQ and other messages of support he has sent.

Thanks to FaustWolf, finshore, Valkyrie, and so many others for finding out more information about this game that

Thanks to Zeality. Your resolution in the face of constant opposition is an inspiration. I appreaciate good, honest people like you.

Thanks to Landon Crispens. He runs one of the few active sites related to the Ogre Battle series. If only I'd remember to visit his page and forum more often.

Thanks to Santiago Posas. This guy has provided me with a lot of interesting and well-thought out feedback...and he put a link to my comic on his signature at Nuklear Power Forums before he was forced to remove it.

Thanks to mammothtank from Nuklear Power Forums for putting my comic in his signature early on in my comic's run. Since my comic was banned shortly afterward, he provided me with the only readers I have ever known.

Thanks to Brett Ultimus for letting me host the fanfic, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen at this site. It means someone thinks me good enough to let me host this work.

Thanks to Adam Wolfing for e-mailing me with a message of support!

Thanks to James Beaver for being an amazing creative genius and an even more amazing friend. He has been extremely supportive of my horrid spriting efforts. He's got a another great site you should check out.

Thanks to Reece Berg of fame. He helped me make the decision to restart my comic, even if he doesn't know it.

Thanks to Miluda for emotional support. As the first of four people to ever draw me fanart, she's earned a special place as my personal cheerleader.

Thanks to Arturo Sanchez, a.k.a Furby, just because he's one cool person, and all my other pals are on this list and he isn't!

I also reserve a special thanks for the people who have thrown abuse at me, lied about me, and have called for my death. Yes, there are dozens of Internet-famous (read: "famous in their own minds") professionals who seek to inflict physical, financial, and emotional harm on an insignifcant person like me. I thank you, though, because without your years of harassment and organizing a campaign against me, I wouldn't have found the will to bring this comic back from the dead.

Last, but not least, I thank Akihiko Yoshida (a.k.a. Acky Yoshida) and S. Tetsuga. These are the people who worked on the visuals of the characters (design and animation) of the original games. I also thank the unknown person in localization who changed the crosses of the Angel and Cleric tree sprites into ankhs. There are also dozens of pixel artists who worked on other sprites, backgrounds and art from other games who should be here and I may add in the future, but right now, this is what I have.

Comic Thanks

In addition to the above, there are those people who have captured certain images that I have used in the comic. I do not want to let their efforts go unrecorded as their contributions are essential to this comic as my efforts. There are some images that I use that I sincerely do not remember precisely how they ended up on my hard drive, so there may be some gaps. There are also some images that are from "free to use" sprite sources such as The ShyGuy Kingdom. But for what I do know, I will credit. In addition to the notice I put at the bottom of the comic, I put a list here for ready reference.

Cloud Strife

Comic 29, 39-40: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance status balloon (Spriter's Resource)

Comic 68:


Comics 36-38, 49-53, 55, 66-67, 69 : Final Fantasy Tactics Advance backgrounds (Spriter's Resource). I'm sorry I misspelled your name!

Beam Luinsir Ronso

All subsequent Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Spriter's Resource) backgrounds.