Ogre Battle Diaries

If you are a fan of the comic and wish to remain completely unaware of what is to happen next, I beg you not to scroll or look down. Do not return to this section called "Diaries" until you are ready for information that will ruin the plot.

I warned you.

This is a section is devoted to my Ogre Battle fan fiction, Ogre Battle Diaries: The Journal of the Muse Margaret, as well as other spinoff stories that occur in the same universe as the fanfic. As the title suggests it is nearly the same story as the comic and follows the journey of a woman and the soldiers she befriends along the way. There are discrepancies between the fanfic and the comic. Some are due to the fact that the diary is told from Margaret's perspective. Others are the result of comedic (or dramatic) license, and last there are some due to author laziness.

Note, that though I am notoriously slow in producting fanfic, I am even slower when it comes to producing comics. I will likely post enties that are "ahead" of where the comic is. As a result, I must warn that the diary entries do provide spoilers for future plots that the comic may follow. In fact, the title itself is technically a spoiler. The entries below also contain some spoilers for the game itself, although if you're here I think you've either already played the game or you haven't and don't care.

Ogre Battle Diaries:

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Supplemental Fanfic

Liberation -- What happens to a town after it is taken by the Rebel Army? Told from a Witch's perspective, this story shows that liberating the town's the easy part; defending it is when it gets tough.

Restoration -- A short story that explains what happened to Mizal after the stage "White Nights." Unlike my other fanfics there are no original characters in it, but it combines characters from (and has major spoilers for) Tactics Ogre: the Knight of Lodis.