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Today was a day for strange occurrences. We headed into the heart of Sharom with the intent of overthrowing the local leader, Gilbert. Instead we left the district with not only a new warrior, Canopus, but Gilbert himself in our ranks as well. While I am glad to get all the help we can get, I only wish they had joined us before this campaign. Our unit had the unenviable task of liberating a town just east of the enemy base and garrisoning the city. Between the journey from our base to the battles we encountered trying to hold Chang' Ga, I have very little more strength to spend.

Even so, there was an additional benefit to this arduous work. I never thought I'd be glad to be tired, but exhaustion helped me out today. I got my first kill -- a Hawkman. I had seen such a creature from afar before, but never up close. From a distance, one would assume them angels out of the tales told to children about the clashing of the gods. To face one in battle would erase that impression immediately. Their muscles and spiked clubs indicate a far more brutal reality. It awed me more than scared me, though, and caused me to wonder what more sights I will I see on this journey.

Strangely enough, it was because of my weakness that I succeeded. Had I been more energetic, I would have fired impatiently and wasted a shot along with my vigor. I merely waited for the enemy to ascend then dive toward me unguarded. I have to say, though, the act of killing it was not what I expected. There was no thrill or euphoria after I fired the fatal shot; remorse and regret were likewise absent. Instead he fell to the ground, grimacing in pain at the fatal wound before his body collapsed. There was no time to dwell on what I had done then and now that I think about it, I find myself rather unaffected save for the certainty that I would be able to repeat.

Of course, I was not the only one who scored successful strikes against the enemy. In fact, all of members of our unit save Anne felled a warrior apiece, wiping out the entire enemy unit. Anne, though, is unique in her ill-timed misses. In fact, watching her, I believe she is going out of her way not to kill the enemy. Tilala has noticed this tendency as well. I worry that Anne may be dismissed if she does not improve her performance, and the thought of continuing this journey alone is too much to bear.

More walking is in store for tomorrow. There is a rumor that we are to head for Pogrom's Forest, but I hope it proves to be false. While my body does not ache as badly as it did before, I do not look forward to our progression as I did before.

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