E-mail Policy

Any communication or multimedia sent to the e-mail address on the main page that pertains to any part of this site, including the comic, The (un)Amusing Adventures of Margaret and Friends, will be considered part of the site and use for publication at my sole discretion. Specifically, by sending me mail or files via e-mail regarding the comic, you implicitly declare that are indeed the creator of sent material and waive exclusive rights to publishing what you have sent. Ignorance of this policy does not change its applicability.

I feel this is important for two reasons. First, in the case of potential flamers, I have now established a clear warning prior to public embarrassment. Second, the above makes it clear that any fan-submissions can and likely will be used in the any part of the site, which includes the comic. If do not want something to be used on this site, do not send it to me, at least not using the e-mail address on the page.

Anything sent before the date of posting (October 2, 2005), will be considered private communications and exempt from this policy.

As far as instant messaging goes, if you send things to me via an instant messaging service (Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc.), with the exception of title suggestions -- I will not use them on the site without expressed written permission. In fact, unless I know you fairly well I probably will not accept file transfers of any kind. I generally consider IMs private communications. Note that using e-mail to send me the same material before, in conjunction with, or after sending me instant messages renders this previous statements null and void.

Likewise, if I ever get a forum or even a sub forum, nothing related to the comic posted there will be used on the site unless there is consent given. By putting it on the forum, you are publishing it, and accepting all responsibility for what you put up.